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Default does anyone...

have a tort table in their room, and feel bad for even having the TV on in the evenings incase you wake them.....?

.... because i do!
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I have mine in the kitchen but it's all open plan so when we've got music on i'm sure he'll feel it vibrating aswell as hearing. I feel a bit bad then. But I guess he'll have to get used to it living here. I can't be doing without my music x
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pagan queen
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Both my torts are in my living room where the TV is and they aren't at all bothered. The babys cage is directly under the TV. I even have my parrots flying around and the light full on until 10pm.

Don't worry about it, they don't even notice.
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I don't think it bothers them TBH, I think when they are dug down they are fast asleep
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Thanks for raising this point, i will stop worrying then I always worry if the lights/ sounds bother her at night.
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anna m
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All my animals are in the living room. The tv blasts out as my OH is deaf. No one takes any notice. The tortoises and hedgehogs don't turn a hair if fireworks go off outside my window or (if a bomb were to go off in my house)
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Old 05-11-2010, 11:29 AM   #7
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Mine don't seem to be bothered either, they are both tucked up fast asleep, but that could be because all we watch is Simpsons repeats zzzzzz!
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Lily has his own TV for him. Just a boom box on Heart FM in the day...and CDs when I come home - to the tones of Michael Buble, Alicia Keys & Nat King Cole. xxx Lily's particularly partial to Buble's Crazy Love - splayed out and stretching tootsies when shell smoothed to that one! Im crazy, I tell ya....

Lily's Movie.
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Thought it was just me! I never put the light on, only the lamp, talk in whisper and turn the tv down!
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I thought this too, but I have woken her up before with my music, so when she is sleeping now I have it quietish
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